Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Response to "Etre et Avoir"

Responding to the movie “Etre et Avoir” we just recently watched, I found some of the concepts employed by Monsieur Lopez to be transferable to our classrooms at the Gandhi Ashram School. Throughout the film I noticed the extent to which Monsieur Lopez used a series of questions to bump the student to the correct conclusion. On numerous occasions the camera observed Monsieur Lopez patiently inquiring students with a number of additional questions. It was evident early on that his questions were aimed not at the correct answer per se but rather towards the process of correct deduction itself. This is particularly interesting because it taught the student not only the information at hand but also the logical approach required. For January, we can utilize this in our classrooms to make the experience more about learning and less about memorizing. I also found the use of other students as a teaching instrument to be equally as interesting. Monsieur Lopez would actively engage the entire class in a single students work. If a student was hesitant or lacked an answer other students were there to help through peer education. This concept can also be directly translated into our classrooms at the Gandhi Ashram. Our knowledge of the local atmosphere and environment of the students is very limited; the language barrier only complicates the situation further. It will be fundamental for us to employ the aid of students. Peer responses and competition if used and focused properly can be a valuable resource. Monsieur Lopez displayed masterfully the implementation of these concepts and he enjoyed the fruits of his labor. The classroom dynamic became far simpler and extremely more enjoyable and interesting. I only hope to use these with the same effect at the Gandhi Ashram.

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