Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Response to "Etre et Avoir"

Reflecting on the movie we watched on Sunday, there are many ideas and practices demonstrated by the teacher, Monsieur Lopez, that we will be able to take with us to the Gandhi Ashram School in January. I think that the M. Lopez did a remarkable job of maintaining order in a classroom with such varied ages. He was able to do so by remaining clam and composed throughout the entire day. I don't recall him raising his voice once when he did not approve of one of his students' actions. I also thought that he did a great job of allowing his students to figure things out on their own. He would rarely just give them the answer to a question they had. Instead, he would ask them more questions until they came up with the answer on their own, or he would ask another student to explain the concept to them. I think this is something that will be very useful when we are teaching at the Gandhi Ashram School. If there are students in the classroom who speak English better or understand the concepts of the lesson more than others, it might be beneficial for us to let them explain the lesson to their classmates who don't understand in a language or wording that might be more clear than the way we explain and understand things. As demonstrated by the movie, math concepts can be understood and taught in a variety of ways, so this will be something for me to keep in mind during my math classes this January. 

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