Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Response to "Etre et Avoir"

I was very impressed with the way Lopez (is that his name?) conducted himself and controlled his classroom. He spoke to the students like adults and because he respected them, they trusted and respected him. He displayed an incredible amount patience when dealing with the children by being clear, concise, and always remaining calm. I liked that he made the students stand by their seats until he told them to sit down (obviously this would only be applicable for certain age groups) because it affirmed his position as instructor, every morning, and signaled the students that the class was beginning. There were two situations that I specifically appreciated: 1) When the two 5th grade students had a conflict, and Lopez mediated the discussion between the two students. Communication is the key to resolving all conflicts. 2) When the two younger students, Jojo and another, had a conflict near the gate and Lopez resolved the situation calmly. The two words I use to characterize Lopez are 'passive assertive' (NOT passive aggressive), a trait that we should all try to emulate.

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