Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Monsieur Lopez: Firm Yet Gentle

One thing that left an impression on me was the manner in which Monsieur Lopez regarded his children. Though some of them may only have come up to his knee in height, he still did his best to regard them as equal and capable individuals. Doing his best to engage the children in serious conversation he was able to discuss relevant concepts and goals, for his class, without utilizing any elements of authoritarianism. As a good teacher I think it is important to be able balance the levels of nurture and discipline that one’s students may need. I can admit that I myself have such problems with this ratio. For example it’s not unlikely for me to baby younger children by regarding them as perhaps extremely small or cute. Though they often may be these things it’s also important to realize that through my role as a teacher I have to regard them in the same manner as I would students of any age. Thus by this principle I feel that Monsieur Lopez was best able to connect with all age groups. By presenting himself as a concerned and accessible leader Monsieur Lopez was able to yield the type of approval that any teacher would hope to receive. Thus like any other leadership role we, as teachers, need to realize that it’s most important to act in a manner that best facilitates our students. Having had my share of power lusting leaders, in the past, I can easily say that one should never promote their one feelings of insecurity by marginalizing the needs of their adherents. Perhaps in a different environment Monsieur Lopez could have declared himself as an expert in the field of education; publishing articles on the disciple and maybe even perusing a P.H.D. Such a fate may even be “ideal” for a man who has spent 30+ years in the classroom, yet for the sake of this rural French community; Lopez has found a niche for himself in providing educational foundations for children at the elementary level.

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