Monday, November 12, 2007

Take a laptop with you to India to donate!

I'm a parent of one of the students going with you all to India this year and have a creative idea for you: Go to and you'll see that TODAY is the first day of a very short term (15 day) opportunity for people in North America only to buy two of the revolutionary, very low wattage and indestructible laptops designed specifically for use in developing nations - all for $400! The particularly creative part of this is that one of the computers purchased is automatically sent to a child in need overseas, but the other one will be sent to your home in the US before the upcoming holidays and you can then hand carry it to Kalimpong to donate to the Ashram - what a great outcome, and all for $400 :-) Please get in touch with me at if you or your parents are interested and have any questions.

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